Government Banking

Rabobank provides city, state, and federal public agencies with specialized checking and savings solutions to help manage cash efficiently.

Your Relationship Manager will help you choose the right accounts to meet the needs of your government agency.

Exclusively for Public Entities

Rabobank is proud to offer comprehensive public fund products designed for municipal, state, and federal government entities. As part of one of the safest banks in the world, Rabobank can offer a variety of products to meet the needs of most public entities.

  • Low fees - to maximize savings and earn more
  • Personalized service - from experienced professionals who take the time to understand your unique needs
  • Strength and security - Rabobank, N.A. is backed by the safety and security of the Rabobank Group, which is rated one of the world's safest banks by Global Finance magazine

Online Banking Services

Provides convenient, 24/7 access to account balances and transaction details so you can control your agency's cash resources. Our online banking platform is designed with industry-leading, state of the art security features and your online banking sessions are always encrypted to help secure information access. Our online banking service is simple to use with effective tools, reporting and payment options you need to make your business transactions easy and efficient.

Payment Services

  • Wire Transfers - Add convenience and speed to your treasury management processes. Initiate domestic or international transfers in just minutes.
  • Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) - Automate payments, forecast your cash flow and optimize your returns while simplifying your accounting procedures. Ideal for payments to businesses or consumers.
  • Account Reconciliation - Save time and improve decision making with convenient access to reports for your deposit accounts and account analysis.
  • Controlled Disbursement Services - Maximize control of funds and help safeguard against fraud.
  • Rabobank One Card – A Visa® Travel and Entertainment card with purchase card functionality and dedicated implementation specialists to help businesses and public entities control employee use, simplify expense management, reduce the costs of issuing checks or purchase orders, speed up procurement, and negotiate vendor rebates. Clients who implement a One Card program can significantly improve their bottom line.

Collection Services

  • Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) - Automate collection of payments from businesses or consumers.
  • Lockbox Services - Speed collections, streamline processes, and access information online for funds received.
  • Remote Deposit Capture - Deposit checks electronically from the convenience of your office.

Fraud Prevention

  • Positive Pay - Reduce the risk of check fraud and increase your control over disbursements.
  • ACH Blocks - Help protect your accounts from unauthorized ACH entries by automatically blocking those ACH debits and/or credits from posting to an account. Unauthorized ACH transactions are automatically returned to the originating bank.
  • ACH Filters - With ACH Filters you can establish allowable maximum dollar amounts or number of debits. You can also define criteria to filter incoming debits and reject any unauthorized items.

Liquidity Management

  • Line of Credit Sweep - Use end-of-day collected balances to pay down your outstanding loan amount or borrow as necessary to maintain your defined target balance.
  • Business Investment Sweep – Funds in excess of your target threshold are swept at the end of the day into an overnight investment product. Balances below the target threshold will be pulled from the overnight investment to return your account to its threshold.
  • Zero Balance Account – The quick, easy and secure way for multiple business locations to have individual accounts that access a central account for disbursement or deposit of funds. Reduce account management with centralized funds transfer.

The following chart can help you select the type of account best suited for your organization's needs.


Interest Checking

Analyzed Checking

Money Market

Designed for

Smaller agencies or larger entities that need a secondary account

Agencies with low debit and credit activity

<100 transactions per statement cycle

Start with $100 and pay low or no fees

Smaller agencies that want to earn interest on balances

Agencies with moderate debit and credit activity

<200 transactions per statement cycle

Large agencies or entities with complex banking needs

Agencies with high volume debit and credit activity

Agencies that use Treasury Management Services

Agencies that want to build working capital or maximize interest while keeping funds available for future use

Minimum Opening Deposit





Monthly Maintenance Fee





Can be waived with

A minimum Average Collected Balance of:



Earnings credit


A minimum Combined Balance of:



Earnings credit

Number of monthly transactions included

Up to 100 combined debits/credits

Unlimited ACH credits

Up to 200 combined debits/credits

Unlimited ACH credits

Analyzed services

Limited to 6 withdrawals per statement cycle

Call or Request a Consultation with a local banker to learn more.

Wealth Management

Total Wealth Management

We can help you grow and manage your individual investment portfolio, business reserves and retirement accounts.

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