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The Change Password page is used to change your Online Banking password. It can be changed at any time but only once per day.

You can access the Change Password page by clicking the Change Password link on the Customer Service Index page.

1. From the Online Banking Sign In page, click “Forgot your Password?”

Personal Online Banking Forget Your Password FAQs

2. Click “Continue with Security Code.”

3. Select a phone number to request a call to a landline or select Text Message to receive a code via text message.

4. Click “Continue.”

  • Call to a landline: follow the online prompts. When answering the call, be sure to press “1” before entering the code displayed on the screen.
  • Text Message: enter the mobile number to receive a text message, then click “Send Text Message.” Then enter the security code from the text and click “Submit.”

5. Enter a new password.

Note: Your password is case sensitive.

  • Must be 8 to 32 characters long.
  • Must include at least one letter and one number.
  • Cannot include spaces.
  • Cannot include a character that repeats more than 3 times.
  • Can include the following characters: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ) ( _ + = | / ? ; : . } { - [ ]

6. Enter the new password again in the Confirm New Password field.

7. Click Submit.

We will send an online banking message and an e-mail confirming this change. If you did not authorize or initiate a password change and you receive an online banking message or email about a recent password change, please contact us immediately at (800) 942-6222.

How does the Personal Online Banking verify its users?

Once you enter your user ID, the system profiles the device you are using (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone) to ensure it matches the information in our system. If additional authentication is needed, you will either receive a phone call or text with a one-time secure access code to enter online or you will be asked a series of system-generated security questions (also known as “out-of-wallet”questions) to confirm your identity. You will then be prompted to enter your password.

What are out-of-wallet questions?

The questions are taken from data that is not available easily to persons apart from the user who would know this information but not likely carry such information in his or her wallet. This data is now being generated automatically through convergence of databases.

What is a one-time security code?

It is a randomly generated one-time code we provide. You enter it before completing certain transactions to help prevent fraudulent transactions and unauthorized access to your financial information.

Why is a one-time security code needed?

It is an extra layer of online banking protection that helps ensure that your funds and financial information are safe. By requiring the entry of a one-time code and the use of a phone number you have on record with us, it is much more difficult for a fraudster to access your account, even if an unauthorized user learns your online banking user ID and password.

How do I use a one-time security code?

  • If you select the phone call option, the code will be displayed onscreen. You will receive an automated call that instructs you to say or enter the code into your phone.
  • If you select the text message option, you will receive the code by text. You will enter the code onscreen as prompted.

Do I need to save the code?

No. Once the code is entered, it is not needed again.

Once I receive the secure access code, how long before it expires?

The one-time secure access code will expire in 10 minutes.

My device was authenticated during a previous log in. Why is the system authenticating it again?
Here are two possibilities:

  • You logged in using a different browser than before on this device. Each browser on a device must be individually authenticated.
  • Your browser is set to delete cookies or the cookie for online banking has been deleted since the last time you logged in.

How often do I have to change my password?

For your security, you will need to change your password every 90 days.

How do I update my phone number?

On the Financial Center (online banking home page), click on the “Customer Service” tab at the top. Click on “Manage contact information.” Please enter direct lines only, no extensions. The update is real-time.

How do I enroll in eStatements?
Enrolling in eStatements is simple.

  • Log into Personal Online Banking.
  • Click on the “Accounts” tab and click “View eStatements” in the right column.

How do I access eStatements?

Personal Banking Customers:

  • Log into Personal Online Banking
  • Under the Accounts menu, choose Statements and Documents 

  • The Add Online Documents window will open. Click the link to read the Service Agreement and Disclosure, then check the box to indicate you have read and accept, then click the Submit button.

Business & Commercial Banking Customers:

  • Log in to Rabo Commercial Banking
  • Only the primary ADMIN will have initial access to eStatements. Non-primary ADMINS must be entitled by primary ADMIN under Company Administration/Manage Users
  • On the menu tab Under Reports/Online Documents, choose Statements and Documents
  • Click View and Maintain Document Preferences
  • Update your delivery preferences to on-line in the drop down menu for each account and click continue
  • Agree to Service Agreement
  • Verify your preference by clicking save preferences
  • Return to Reports tab - Online documents are now available and customers can access and search for statements

How soon can I get historical bank statements?

You can order a statement by contacting customer service at 1-800-942-6222 or by placing an order through your branch with an estimated turnaround time of 3 business days from when the request was submitted. See Schedule of Fees and Minimum Balances for statement copy fee.

Will I have to pay a fee to obtain historical statements?

Due to the temporary limited access to archived statements, the Research Fee will be waived for impacted customers. You can visit a branch or contact Customer Service at 1-800-942-6222 to get a historical statement at no charge for 60 days.

How do I obtain my tax reporting forms?

Tax forms can be requested through online banking, email or by calling your branch or the Call Center at 1-800-942-6222 .

What are the benefits of eStatements?

Access your bank statements and check images online. It's free, safe, and helps the environment

  • Faster than paper statements - see your statements and check images within 24 hours of the statement date.
  • The same as paper – use just as you would a mailed statement
  • Easy to view, print, and save - the standard Adobe Acrobat PDF format makes it simple
  • Environmentally friendly - reduces paper usage and clutter
  • Flexible - you can choose eStatements only or paper and eStatements

For assistance with online banking, Bill Pay or mobile banking, please call our eBanking Technical Support Team toll free at 1-800-942-6222 during these hours.

What mobile banking options are available?

  • Mobile app – Deposit checks and access your Rabobank accounts from your iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Android device.
  • Mobile banking – Access your Rabobank accounts using the web browser on your mobile device.
  • Text banking – Access your Rabobank accounts via text message from your mobile phone.

How do I log into the mobile app?

You must enroll in personal online banking first. Once you have logged into personal online banking, you can download and launch our app from the corresponding app store. If you try to log into the mobile app before you log in to personal online banking, you will be automatically locked out of both mobile banking and personal online banking for 24 hours. We are unable to unlock your account during that time.

What devices do you have apps for?

We have apps for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and Kindle.

How late can I make a mobile deposit for it to process the same day?

Mobile deposits submitted by 8 p.m. Pacific Time on any business day will start processing the same day. If there is an issue with the check that must be manually reviewed, deposits made after 5 p.m. Pacific Time will be credited the next business day if they are approved.

How do I know that my mobile deposit was received and posted to my account?

After you make a mobile deposit, you will receive two e-mails. You will receive an immediate e-mail when the deposit is received. You will receive a second e-mail that tells you whether the deposit has been approved or declined.

Why is my mobile deposit delayed?

If the check is missing the date or is not endorsed (signed) on the back, it must be reviewed manually which delays the deposit. Other issues that will cause a delay for reviewing include:

  • The numerical amount and the written amount on the check don’t match
  • The amount exceeds the deposit limit
  • The image quality is poor or the magnetic strip is unreadable
  • A duplicate deposit is suspected
  • The check contains other irregularities that require manual review.
  • The deposit is for an item that cannot be deposited using the mobile deposit services.

How soon after I make a mobile deposit will I be able to view it?

Mobile deposits will be available for you to view in the Deposit History immediately after they are transmitted. An e-mail notification about receipt of your check will also be sent to the e-mail address we have on file.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit through mobile deposit?

The maximum amount you can make in a single deposit is $5,000 and the maximum amount you can deposit in a single day is $5,000. You can make up to 10 mobile deposits in a day. You can deposit up to $10,000 over a rolling 25-day period. If you attempt to make a mobile deposit that exceeds these limits, the deposit may be rejected.

Can I search transactions?

Yes, the mobile app allows you to search transactions.

Can I edit bill payments through the mobile app?

You can cancel scheduled payments for Bill Pay Services through the mobile app but you cannot edit payments. You cannot use the mobile app to cancel payments initiated through People Pay or any other Online Banking service.

Will I be able to view the app in portrait view or landscape view or both?

Landscape and portrait view are available for tablet and iPad users. Portrait view is available to smartphone users.

How much mobile deposit history will the app allow?

You can build up to two years of mobile deposit history.

Will I be able to sort my transactions?

You will be able to sort your transactions, however the sorting categories will be different than in the current application.

I received an error message while accessing Bill Pay, what do I do?
If you receive the following message in mobile banking while accessing Bill Pay:

Attention: Bill Pay is not activated on this account. Please contact Customer Service)

Please delete the app and reload it from the app store.

I received an error message “App unable to retrieve security questions”. What does this mean? Registration for that device has been locked for 24 hours. We are unable to unlock your account during that time.

Why do I keep getting locked out of mobile banking?

If you fail the device registration in mobile banking, you will be locked out for 24 hours. If you try to log in again within the 24-hour lockout period, the lockout clock re-sets and you are locked out for 24 hours from the time of that attempt. This is to help prevent fraud.

Why do I keep getting asked for the secure code/security questions?

This issue could be caused by several factors:

  • You have logged in numerous times in a short period of time and the system has flagged your account to ensure it is not being accessed fraudulently.
  • If you have multiple user IDs, you are using a different user ID than your previous logins on this device.
  • Your firewall is preventing the system from validating your device.

Why can’t I see my account?

If your account is hidden in personal online banking, it will not appear in mobile banking and any other online activity as Bill Pay or in Transfers. Log into personal online banking. Click on the Customer Service tab, then click on “Customize your accounts .” Make sure there is no checkmark to the right side of any accounts underneath “Hide Account.” Click “Submit.” 

Can I make mobile deposits using a Kindle?

If your Kindle has a rear-facing camera, the mobile app may not allow you to make a mobile deposit. If the camera is not rear-facing, please ensure in your device settings that you allow camera access to the Rabobank app and then try it. 

When trying to access the mobile app, I am getting an error message “The proxy server isn’t responding.” What do I do?

Please delete the browser history and cache from your device.

I do not see the check deposit feature on my Android tablet app. What do I do?

Check if the camera on your Android device is front facing or rear facing.

If your camera is front facing, our tablet app does not support mobile deposits.

If your camera is rear facing, verify if camera access is enabled to the Rabobank Tablet App.

  1. Go to the Settings icon on the home screen
  2. Click on “Apps”
  3. Check if the camera feature is enabled for the Rabobank App.

This can be done by going to Camera Settings as well or the App Ops screen.

When logging in on my Samsung Galaxy phone, I get an error message “Invalid Id and pwd” after I answer the security questions. What do I do?

Android OS autofills the user ID and password with a space at the end and causes this type of error. Please wait 24 hours from your last attempt and try again, making sure your user ID and password do not have an extra space at the end.

I’m having trouble accessing Mobile Web from my mobile device. What can I do?

The only browser that is supported for Mobile Web is the device’s native browser. If you are trying to access Mobile Web using a browser that you have added to the device, that is likely the source of the issue.

If you are using the device’s native browser, try clearing the cache, history and cookies from your device’s browser.

If neither of these steps work, the issue is either at the connection level (e.g. bad wi-fi connection, bad carrier connection) or an issue with the carrier itself. You will either have to obtain a better connection or contact your carrier for assistance.

How do I start a chat session?
Depending on what products and services you are looking for, online chat may be available. You will see a link or be invited to chat when agents are available.

How do I know that I am really chatting with Rabobank?
You can ensure that you are chatting securely with a Rabobank representative in a variety of ways:

  • You should see a lock in the chat window that indicates a secure connection.
  • Be sure the chat window's internet address is either or
  • Be sure that the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is registered to Rabobank America or Live Person (* To check the certificate, place your mouse over the chat area, right click the mouse, and select Properties. You will see the certificate name listed.
  • Our representatives will always identify themselves to you, stating their name and their area of specialty such as enrollment, service, or sales.

What products can I chat about?
You can chat with us about the following:

  • Questions about your personal account
  • Questions about Personal Online Banking
  • Questions about Rabobank Personal Banking products or services

Why am I invited to chat sometimes when I am on the site and not others?
We will invite customers to chat only when we have agents available; this way you don’t have to spend time waiting for assistance.

How do I prevent a chat invitation from appearing?
You cannot prevent a chat invitation from appearing, but you do not have to chat. The chat invitation is sent when we think we can be of assistance, but if you'd rather not chat, just click the No Thanks button on the invitation, and the invitation will close. However, if you change your mind, you can start chat later using the chat buttons located on the screen.

Can I have my chat printed or emailed to me?
We do not offer emailed chat transcripts to respect the privacy and security of the information that may be disclosed during a chat. However, you can copy the content of the chat window and paste it to another program. To do this, use your mouse to highlight the contents of the chat window, then press Control+C to copy the text. Then paste the chat contents into another program by pressing Control+V.

If a scheduled bill payment falls on a weekend, will the bill be paid on the Friday before or the next business day after?

For recurring payments, if your scheduled bill payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be made on the prior business day. For one-time payments, you must schedule the payment to be made on a business day (not on a weekend or holiday). The Bill Pay Services will not permit you to schedule the one-time payment on a day that is not a business day.

What happens if a bill payment is returned because of non-sufficient funds in my account?

If a bill payment is rejected three times because of non-sufficient funds, your Bill Pay access will be blocked for 3 days and all future bill payments (including recurring payments) will be cancelled.

What are the minimum and maximum payments I can make? Is there a daily transaction limit?

The minimum payment is $0.01 and the maximum payment is $25,000. You can make up to $25,000 in bill payments in a day. Bill payments in the amount of $10,000 or greater will be paid by issuance of a paper check only.

Can I make expedited payments?

With Expedited Payments, for a fee of $14.95, we will send your payment as an overnight check. The daily cut-off time is 4:45 p.m. PST. Expedited payments must be mailed to a street address, not a P.O. Box. The maximum expedited payment is $9,999.99. 

Can I change the Return Address that appears on checks generated through Bill Pay?

The return address on checks will display the same name and address as your account information. 

Does the system validate the payee information I enter?

The system will check for and consolidate multiple entries of one payee. Newly added consumer-payee addresses are validated and standardized nightly against the U.S. Postal Service database to ensure a valid deliverable address. 

I entered the billing address for one of my bills and it was changed. Who changed the address and why would they do that?

The system automatically standardizes the payee addresses you enter to match the US Postal Service database to ensure a valid deliverable address. 

How do I make payments to my Rabobank loan through Bill Pay?

If you already have Rabobank set up as a payee in Bill Pay, you will see two loans on the system. Please delete the old loan payee and use the new loan (which will be marked “New” and say “Rabobank – Loan”).

How do I set up Bill Pay categories?

There are several options for setting up Bill Pay Categories. Click on the “Pay and Transfer” tab and then click on “Manage bill payment categories.”

  1. Use the pre-loaded categories provide by selecting the link. Select which Bill Pay payees you want to assign to that category. Then click Save Changes.
  2. Edit a pre-loaded category by typing in a new category name. Click Save Changes. Click Confirm.
  3. Add a New Category by clicking Add New Category and then naming the category. Select which Bill Pay payees you want to assign to that category . Then click Add Category. 

I’m trying to re-set my eBills but I don’t have my account information for that biller. What do I do?

To locate the full account number for a payee, select the payee and then choose “View/Change payee details.” The full account number will display on the Payee Details screen. If you need additional information, visit your payee’s website for a copy of your bill or call the payee and ask for the information you need.

Can I transfer funds from my PRA to my checking account within online banking?

Your PRA will not appear on the Transfer menu and you will not be able to transfer funds from your PRA to other accounts through personal online banking.

You can advance funds from your PRA by visiting your branch. You can also send a secure message to us through the system. Click on the Customer Service tab then click on “Contact Us”. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

Can I make payments to my PRA within online banking?

Your PRA will not appear on the Transfer menu and you will not be able to make transfers to your PRA from other accounts through personal online banking. 

You can continue to make payments on your PRA by visiting your branch. You can also send a secure message to us through the system. Click on the Customer Service tab then click on “Contact Us”. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

Can I pay off my PRA within online banking?

No. You can pay off your PRA by visiting your branch. You can also send a secure message to us through the system. Click on the Customer Service tab then click on “Contact Us”. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

Can I see my PRA balance?

The PRA balance can only be viewed on the Balance Detail page for the account it is linked to. In the Financial Center (online banking home page), click on the account that the PRA is linked to. Click on the “Balance Details” tab. 

If my scheduled transfer date falls on a weekend, will the transfer occur on Friday or the following Monday?

If your scheduled transfer date falls on a weekend or holiday, the transfer will be made on the next business day. Therefore, you should adjust the transfer date if needed so that the transfer is made on time. 

If I transfer money from one Rabobank account to another Rabobank account, how soon does the money get transferred?

The money will be transferred from one Rabobank account to another immediately. 

If I schedule a transfer from one Rabobank account to another Rabobank account, how soon does the money get transferred?

To have it processed the same day, you must schedule the transfer by 6 p.m. PT. You can schedule transfers until 9 p.m. PT by calling InfoLine at (800) 942-6222 or using a Rabobank ATM. 

Can I transfer funds to my non-Rabobank accounts?

External transfers are not available through online banking. You can use Bill Pay or set up a recurring transfer at your local branch. You can also use PeoplePay to move funds to your non-Rabobank accounts. 

Can I make transfers to my Holiday Saver Account?

You cannot set up transfers into your Holiday Saver Account through online banking. You can make additional deposits to your Holiday Saver Account at any Rabobank branch. If you wish to change the amount or frequency of your automatic transfer to your Holiday Saver Account, visit a Rabobank branch or call our Customer Care Center at (800) 942-6622. 

Can I make transfers to and from a commercial loan account?

You can make payments to a commercial loan account from online banking but you cannot take an advance from commercial loan.

Can I transfer funds into or out of my Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Yes, you can transfer funds into and out of my Health Savings Account (HSA).

How can I manage the frequency of alerts?

On the Financial Center (online banking home page), click on the Customer Service tab and click “Manage alerts.” Some alerts are required and cannot be changed (for example, an alert is sent each time an automatic repeating payment is scheduled. This alert is also sent when there is an issue with an automatic payment or an automatic payment rule is about to expire.)

I received an account alert in the middle of the night. Can I set timing for alerts so that they don’t wake me up?

The system does not allow you to set timing for alerts. You can set your phone to not vibrate or ring during certain hours.

What types of alerts be available?

Account Alerts:

  • Account Balance
  • Deposit of $__ Processed
  • Starting Balance is at or Above $__
  • Starting Balance is at or Below Minimum
  • Transfer Failed
  • Transfer Processed

Debit Card Alerts:

  • Credit Transaction at or above $__ Processed
    - Funds removed using the debit card
    - Signature transactions
  • Card Transaction Declined
    - Declined transaction due to a balance constraint
    - Declined transaction due to card-status issues
    - Declined transaction due to daily or transaction limits
    - Declined transaction due to incorrect PIN
  • Transaction Monitoring – Suspicious Activity
  • Card Status Changed
  • Transaction Monitoring – International Transaction
  • Transaction Monitoring –Out-Of-State Transaction
  • Transaction Monitoring – Card Not Present

Bill Pay Alerts:

  • Automatic Payment Notice
  • Bill Payment Account Notice
  • E-bill Received
  • E-bill Reminder
  • E-bill Setup Notice
  • Expedited Payment Processed
  • Payee Added or Changed
  • Payment Failed or Overdrew Account
  • Payment Processed
  • Payment Reminder

Service Alerts:

  • Contact Information Changed
  • Password Changed
  • User ID Changed
  • User ID Disabled

Are alerts real time?

Alerts are not real-time.

How do I set up debit card alerts?

Click on the Customer Service Tab and click on “Manage alerts” under the Contact Options section. Click on ATM/Debit Card Alerts. Use the drop down menu to choose the card you want alerts for. To add an alert, click Add, specify the details, and click Add This Alert. Only card transactions made from the primary account for this ATM/debit card cause these alerts to be sent.

Can I send electronic payments to an individual?

You can make person-to-person payments with People Pay. People Pay enables you to make electronic payments to anyone with an e-mail address or mobile phone number.

  • First, you enter the recipient’s contact and payment information.
  • Next, an e-mail or text alert with instructions on how to pick up the money is sent to the recipient.
  • Now, the money is available from your secure People Pay portal.
  • The recipient does not have to be enrolled in People Pay

How do I enroll in People Pay?

Yes. Click on the Pay People icon on the Financial Center (online banking home page). You will see a welcome page that explains how People Pay works. Click on the “Let’s get started” button and follow the onscreen instructions.

What are the payment limits on People Pay?

You can make a payment as large as $500. You can make up to $500 in payments a day. 

What payment options are available in People Pay?

  • Account-to-Account (ACH) deposit: Payments are received in 1-2 days. There is a $0.50 fee for each deposit.
  • Direct check: A check is mailed at the end of the business day. Delivery time is 5-7 days.
  • Contact chooses: You select “Email pickup instructions to contact” to give the contact the choice whether they would like to accept or decline the payment, and what payment method they would like to use. Funds will be deducted from your account as soon as the contact claims the payment.

Does PeoplePay have alerts?
PeoplePay has the following automatic alerts: 

  • Payment Failed or Overdrew Account
  • Payment Scheduled
  • People Payment Contact Changed

Can I use QuickBooks with the system?

Personal Online Banking does not support QuickBooks. If you are using QuickBooks for a business, you may want to use Rabo Commercial Banking instead.

Can I use Microsoft Money with the system?

Online banking does not support Microsoft Money.

Does online banking offer Direct Connect?

The system does not have Direct Connect. 

  • To download your transactions to Quicken, log in to Personal Online Banking, click on the Accounts tab and click on “Download banking transactions.” You will need to change your Bank ID in Quicken to 63057.
  • To transfer money between accounts, log in to Personal Online Banking and click on the Transfers tab.
  • To make a bill payment, you will need to enroll in Bill Pay within Personal Online Banking and make payments through Bill Pay.

Will I still be able to track my transactions with Quicken?

Yes, though the process is no longer automatic. You will need to log on to Personal Online Banking and download your transactions. You will need to change your Bank ID in Quicken to 63057.

Does online banking have Web Connect?

The system supports Web Connect. 

  • You will need to set your Bank ID to 63057. 

Where do I call for online banking, Bill Pay or mobile banking support?

  • For assistance with online banking, Bill Pay or mobile banking, please call our eBanking Technical Support Team toll free at 1-800-942-6222 during these hours.

Which browsers and operating systems are supported on the system? 

Operating System

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Apple Safari®

Mozilla Firefox®

Google Chrome™

Windows Vista®


4.0, 5.0

30.0, 31.0

34.0, 35.0

Windows 7

10.0, 11.0


30.0, 31.0

34.0, 35.0

Windows 8



30.0, 31.0

34.0, 35.0

Windows 8.1



30.0, 31.0

34.0, 35.0

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion™)



30.0, 31.0


Mac OS X 10.9 (Maverick™)



30.0, 31.0







iPad® mini





Note: Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

Can I set a specific page to appear automatically when I log in?

No. When you log into online banking, you will go to the home page, which is customizable and includes account information, bill pay, transfers and the functions you must commonly use.

How do I find the nearest Rabobank branch or ATM?

You can find your nearest branch or ATM by clicking “Locations” at the top of our home page.

If I take a break when I’m logged into online banking, will the system time out?

For security reasons, the system automatically times out after 20 minutes of no activity. Although the last page accessed continues to display, you will be required to log in again to continue using online banking.

How can I find my full account number(s)?

For your security, the system will display the last four digits of your account number(s) rather than the entire number. This setting cannot be changed.

Can I change the order that my accounts appear on the page?

Yes, you can. On the Financial Center (online banking home page), click on “Customize this App” in the Accounts Section. Put your cursor over the account you want to move. Hold down the left click button on your mouse and pull the account up or down to the right position. Click “Save”.

How many accounts will be displayed on the page?

There is no limit to the number of accounts displayed. A scroll bar will appear on the right side of the section to assist with navigation

How can I search for a transaction?
Searching for a transaction is easy. You can search by:

  • Date range
  • Amount
  • Range of amount
  • Transaction description (free form)
  • Type of transaction (advance, ATM, check, credit, debit, deposit, direct debit, Direct Deposit, fee, finance charge, interest, payment, POS, service charge and transfer)
  • Single check
  • Range of Checks

What balances are available?

The following balances will be displayed:

  • Available Balance : Your available balance is the amount of funds you can use for withdrawal from the account without causing an overdraft. This balance DOES NOT include any Personal Reserve Account (PRA) or Savings/Checking Overdraft Protection.
  • Current Balance: Your account balance after nightly processing is completed, plus or minus any current day pending credits or debits and holds (e.g. deposits, paid checks, withdrawals, and point-of-sale transactions).
  • Starting Balance: Your account balance after nightly processing is completed.
  • Total Accessible Balance: This is your available balance plus any additional funds that may automatically advance to cover an overdraft. This balance reflects any Personal Reserve Account (PRA) or Savings/Checking Overdraft Protection. If overdraft protection is required, these funds are advanced at the end of the day.

What balance details are available?

You will see several balance details on the system, including holds, overdraft limits, deposits in process and Personal Reserve Accounts (PRA). Simply click on an available balance to get a breakdown of details.

Can I see a running balance with my debit card transactions included?

Online banking will give you a running balance with ATM and point-of-sale debit card transactions updating within 5 minutes after they occur. 

I bought gas this morning. Why don’t I see that transaction in my online banking?

Authorized transactions won’t show. When the transaction is presented for payment, it will show.

Will I be able to categorize my transactions?

Yes. All customers should have this capability by June 8.

How do I categorize my accounts?

Click on the Accounts tab, then click “Manage banking categories.” Click the “add a new category” link. Enter a category name and complete the other fields as desired. Click “Add category.”

How do I assign categories to transactions?

Click on the Accounts tab, then click “Account activity.” Click the transaction you’d like to categorize.

The Transaction Detail Page will display. You can enter a personal note (optional) and select a category using the pull-down menu. Click Save Changes.

Click Next Transaction at the bottom of the window if you would like to keep categorizing each transaction. This avoids having to go back to the Account Activity page to retrieve each transaction

Can I split a transaction into different categories?

Yes. Click on the Accounts tab, then click “Account activity.” Click the transaction you’d like to split. Select the Split Transaction Amount category and click Save Changes. The Split Transaction Amount page is displayed. Select a category you want to assign to the transaction and enter an amount. Repeat as needed.

On the Search Your Transaction History screen, it says “You can search up to 540 days of completed transactions for this account.” Why can’t I see 540 days of transactions?

540 days refers to the amount of transaction history that you can build up over time. Only the last 90 days of transaction history prior to the online banking conversion will appear until more history builds.

I checked the disclosure box during enrollment. But I still get a message saying I have to read the terms and conditions. Why won’t it let me continue?

You must click “Rabobank Personal Online Banking Disclosures” to display the terms and conditions for use of the online banking services before you can continue with enrollment. You must review and “Accept” the terms and conditions of the Personal Online Banking Agreement in order to be enrolled.

I clicked on the link for Rabobank Online Banking Disclosures. Why can’t I see them?

Your pop-up blocker must be turned off in order to view the online banking disclosures.

I have been locked out of the system after entering the password too many times. How do I unlock my account?

To unlock your account, please call us toll free at 1-800-942-6222.

What are the limitations when I re-set my password?

Your password is case sensitive and must be between 8 and 32 characters long. It must contain at least 1 alphabet character, 1 numeric character, 1 uppercase letter, and 1 lowercase letter.

I want to re-set my login ID. What are the limitations on that?

Your login ID must be between 8 and 32 characters long. It must contain at least 2 alphabet characters and 2 numeric characters. Your login ID must be different than your password.

Why am I getting an error message when I enter the secure code during the log-in process?

It is not necessary to press # after entering the secure code. Simply enter the number and wait for the next prompt.

Can I enroll in Personal Online Banking with a CD account?

You cannot enroll in online banking with a CD account. Please use your checking or savings account.

What account information do I need to enroll in Personal Online Banking for my loan account?

You will need your note number, original principal balance and last payment amount.

I just enrolled in online banking. How do I start using the Mobile App?

Simply enroll in online banking and download the app from the corresponding app store. Upon first access, you will be presented with the Mobile Banking Addendum to the Personal Online Banking Agreement, which includes the terms and conditions for use of the Mobile App. You must review and “Accept” the terms and conditions of the Mobile Banking Addendum in order to use the Mobile App. 

If you wish to access your account using the web browser on your mobile device or use Text Banking, you will need to activate your device through online banking.

I just enrolled in online banking. How do I access my accounts from my mobile web browser?

You will need to activate your mobile device. On the Financial Center (online banking home page), click on the “Get Started” button in the Mobile Banking Center. On the next screen, click on “Enroll a Mobile Device.”

Enter the mobile phone number you want to use. Select your mobile phone carrier. Click on “View Terms and Conditions to Proceed.” Review the terms and conditions that appear. Check the box at the bottom to indicate you have read and agree to them. Click “Accept.” You will return to the Enter Mobile Information screen. Click “Continue.”

On the next screen, choose the mobile options you want: text banking or mobile banking, or both. Click “Continue.” Follow the instructions onscreen to complete your activation.

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